Electric Force Crew
Electric Force is The story of Legends, Heroes and Innovators, who are Tied Together true The Love of The Dance, Music and The Hip Hop Culture.
Thanks to everyone who left their mark in this epic story!
This page contains basics touch from a small part from the story called ElectricForce, wich wrote a massive part of the Bulgarian breakin’ history from 1989 till now.
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Who we are

– Formula, Location, Environment, where you can feel the vibrations of the art in a unique way, the result of the efforts of the artists who wrote their own history in Breaking leaving their own sign “Electric Force”. We broke out in the 90s, provoke young people in Bulgaria to do something positive and for society to accept Breaking as a value, it become a factor in the emergence of generations of dancers, groups and outlines of the face in the Bulgarian breaking scene.
– Club “Electric Force” today is not just a group of people, is an institution developing break dancing designed to find talent, train, prepare and build Breaking-artist and performers from amateur to professional level.
– Electric Force means for us, the freedom you feel, when you let the music to drag you along dancing, without prejudices, without schemes, but for pure entertainment and personal pleasure .This is our game and we are the players in it

What We Do

– We are building a comprehensive platform, where learning and development of children Breaking school, ignites the spark of love for the dance in their hearts, also the brought in perseverance, dignity and their fighting spirit.
– We create / produced / BreakBoys & BreakGirls in their complex and sophisticated form – persons dance skills, knowledge, presence, aesthetics and behavior of the halls in preparation for competitions and international events, large scenes, video productions and media events.Electric Force is the basis for creating most of the popular Breaking names in our history.
– We manage Breaking-artists proudly defending the value of the energy consumed in the process realizing their overall creativity and nature of their artists.
– Electric Force is responsible for promoting and organizing some of the brightest breakdancing competitions of national and international level, with participants and guests from all over the world in Bulgaria for the past 15 years.

Electric Force Crew realized

– Solo dance products and freestyle performances and concerts, private or corporate events.
– Participation in art projects, customer support and choreography of Bulgarian and foreign artists in their performances.
– Choreography and performances in music videos.
– Persons and dancers for promotional photo shoots and video spots.
– Choreography and performance in thematic conceptual product presentations.
– Breakers for campaigns to promote products or other services.

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